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corporate identity Specialists
Corporate Identity Specialists


Corporate Identity

We feel deeply about having the right corporate identity, whether it is a business seeking a new image, or a startup wanting to make a difference. We create powerful corporate identities that at a glance will reveal a company's reason for being, its product offerings, target markets, and perceived value. The right corporate identity becomes basis for crafting messages, developing strategies, and keeping a company focused and united in a common goal.


Without question, one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your brand. Just how important is this? Forrester Research predicts that there will be $1.5 trillion in goods and services transacted online between domestic businesses by 2003. That's projected to be 14 times larger than business-to-consumer e-commerce. The opportunities for your company are incredible, providing you're poised to take advantage.

IMLogo's ebranding specialists work closely with your team to strategically analyze your company's unique competitive strengths and product differentiation. With this knowledge in hand, we apply our unique creative process to create superior ebranding for your business, product or project. One that creates a powerful, expressive corporate or product image and quantifiable sustainable competitive advantage.

Product Branding/Packaging

We assist companies who have the need to launch new products or refine service offerings based on market research, trends, and market share.
Our creative and strategic packaging designs engage the disciplines of marketing, research, and graphics in order to effectively communicate the positioning of the brand. Our package designs communicate to your target market the visual concept and statements of what your product stands for, its premium value against your competitor, and its unique selling attribute.

Strategic Marketing

The IMLogo team will begin by analyzing your business and environment as it is today, creating a base for developing a guide that positions your business for long-term success. We will conduct research, focus groups, and strategic planning sessions with principals and key players in order to create a marketing and communications program to reach your short- and long-term goals, and ultimately, place your business at a competitive advantage.

Public Relations

Targeted and strategically-designed public relations tactics are essential in facilitating immediate and long-term solutions to a company's marketing goals. Each and every activity should be consistent, utilizing multiple approaches and customizing each campaign to reach appropriate audiences. IMLogo's cohesive pr campaign analyses public relations, media and other communications needs and turns this information into a cogent and workable plan to meet those needs.

Our palette of public relations services considers multiple approaches:

  • product, image and brand publicity
  • new product introductions
  • business, consumer and trade media relationship-building
  • press kits and sales promotional packages
  • trade show, conferences, corporate meetings and seminars
  • special event productions
  • speakers bureau
  • video news releases
  • bylined articles
  • community outreach programs
  • corporate backgrounders
  • direct mail campaigns
  • demographic and psycographic studies
  • research and focus groups
  • needs assessments
  • digital marketing campaigns


Developing the right advertisement that effectively communicates brand equity is critical.  Advertisements can be used to promote a direct response, as well as heighten brand recognition.  We believe both can be achieved and ads should be used as vehicles to communicate a firm's brand equity. Our strategic ad design process uses an aggressive building block approach-each ad builds on another.  The results are powerful.

Event Branding/Promotions

Branding and promoting your company's event or fund-raiser is an equally mission critical task given your company objectives of sales and/or promotions. We employ the same strategy to promote your event, and ensure that your company's brand equity is consistently carried out to the various publics.

services - corporate identity Specialists
services - corporate identity Specialists
services - corporate identity Specialists


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