Corporate Branding and Corporate Identity Specialists

We are a corporate identity, corporate branding and PR firm assisting companies to best define themselves and communicate the essence of their core brand value and offerings to their target markets. We develop and implement strategic branding, internet design, and PR solutions that create brand equity and sustainable competitive advantage. We offer an extensive range of branding, high-quality graphic design and PR services, from the creation of your corporate identity, to launching a new product line in a new market. We develop and heighten your company's image and consistently carry this in all applications and collaterals, including your corporate website. We strive to differentiate you from the competition and keep you ahead.

Corporate Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing, Public Relations/PR, Product Branding, Packaging, eBranding, Website Design,Multi-cultural Marketing, Ethnic Marketing, Translations

Imlogo - Berkeley, California

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